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Ethically Produced

Ethically Produced

Posted by Candice Evangeline on 2020 Apr 17th

 Photo by Jay "Warbucks" Williams

We’ve seen reports about how the world wide lock-down has improved air and water quality around the globe.  The impact that our day to day consumption is having on the environment is becoming more and more obvious.  Moving forward, we have an obligation to choose products wisely.

When I started this line, I wanted to make things in an ethical manner. I didn't want to be associated with poor labour practices or the concept of fast fashion and the impact it has on the environment.  That meant choosing a reputable manufacturer, using eco friendly fabrics and creating designs that lasted longer.  

"Buy less, choose well." - Vivienne Westwood

The newest additions to the Evangeline Rose Swim line are hand made in Brazil by a female owned and operated facility.  They use a variety of eco friendly fabrics including Light C02, which is a biodegradable Nylon developed in Brazil that decomposes quickly after disposal in landfills.  A breakdown that typically would take decades to occur is happening in less than 3 years.  By year one, 50% of the breakdown has already occurred.  

Not only is this fabric eco friendly, but it is incredibly soft and comfortable.  It is free from harmful toxins* and feels buttery against your skin, while offering UV protection.  It is ideal for all day beach wear.  You can read more about the fabrics used in the latest collection in the full fabric blog post. (*International standard Oeko-Tex 100 Class I)

This manufacturer also makes beds for animals in local shelters from scrap fabrics.  Thus reducing waste and helping out an awesome cause!  Shop the latest arrivals here

The debut collection was made in the Philippines by an American family owned and operated facility. This collection featured sturdy, long lasting and lustrous fabrics made to last. The fabric is heavier, supportive and stands up well to chlorine. These styles are long lasting, easy to care for and designed with classic details, making them great beachwear staples! Buying an item made to last is an ethical shopping choice. As Vivienne Westwood says, "Buy less, choose well." Shop the remaining few pieces left in this debut collection before they're gone forever!  

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