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Photo by Shivani Varma


I'm Candice Evangeline and this line grew from a place in my heart.  For years, I struggled with body image issues.  From working as a model in my early teens, to studying and working in fashion as a young adult, the concept of being a certain size was a part of my daily life.  Growing up, I found it hard to be comfortable in my own skin as I was always bigger than my peers.  As a teen and young adult, much of my time was spent working to lose that extra 10lbs or just one more dress size, fighting my natural curves.  At 25, I'd had enough.  I was done yo-yo dieting and was ready to accept myself in all my curvy glory.

Taking my fashion background and combining it with my love for swimming and helping people dress well, Evangeline Rose Swim was born. It's my passion to help women feel confident in their own skin. My heart breaks when I hear someone avoided the beach or pool due to fear of how they would look in a swimsuit. To me, that's loss of life. We shouldn't be missing out on special moments due to societal constructs of beauty. After all, we are all uniquely beautiful. My mission is to provide high quality suits designed to be comfortable and fit well for the average sized woman. Accentuating and highlighting with simple details. Comfortable and sexy, not too much, not too little, just right.

Want to follow my journey? Join me on Instagram for regular body positive content and a sneak peak behind the scenes.

I'm so glad you are here. You deserve more than just a well fitting suit; you deserve a tribe of women who are ready to support you in loving yourself more. You deserve to know that your body doesn't need any qualifiers. You are beautiful. Period.








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