Biodegradable Fabric and Care

Posted by Candice Evangeline on 2019 Nov 4th

Evangeline Rose Swim is proud to offer select styles in eco-friendly, biodegradable fabrics!As a designer, its important to consider the impact our goods make on the world, not only in terms of satisf … read more
Hello Summer!

Hello Summer!

Posted by Candice Evangeline on 2018 Jun 10th

                      It's been a long, cold winter and things are finally heating up!  To kick it off, we've created a 2018 Summer pla … read more
Hello August!

Hello August!

Posted by Candice Evangeline on 2017 Aug 1st

Photo byCrave Boudoir It's August first, which means our inboxes, TV screens and social media feeds are about to be filled with Back-to-School reminders and Fall-Fashion-Finds.  I'm her … read more

Colour, Pattern, Texture, shine!

Posted by Candice Evangeline on 2017 Jun 9th

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, ready to head out the door and thought to yourself, "Something's missing."? If the answer is "Yes!" then this post is for you!; Using the elements: colou … read more